Flexibility and Accessibility

E-learning solutions are available 24/7, from anywhere in the world as long as you have an Internet connection. Instead of tying the training with a specific time and place e-learning opens a whole new way of learning experiences, as and when required.


By using e-learning we ensure consistency of the training delivery. Each and every learner gets the same version of the training package, resulting in a coherent dissemination of knowledge and skills among all learners.
Cost reduction

E-learning offers significant savings, in time as well as strictly financial. Technology-enhanced learning allows you to train people regardless of their physical location or time constraints. Round-the-clock availability of online solutions, zero travel expenses and minimal delivery costs all work in favour of e-learning.

Mobile learning

With the rise in the use of portable devices such as tablets and smartphones it has become extremely important to offer learning solutions ‘on-the-go’, accessible through iPads and smart phones.  Software we use to create online courses is Articulate Storyline which has a dedicated free app for the iPad and produces html5 versions of all courses, allowing users to play the courses on a variety of devices.