We can help you with a variety of e-learning needs. Our packages can track the progress of learners and test their understanding, as well as recording the test results. Our solutions include:

  • Compliance Training
    Compliance and regulatory training is an ever-increasing part of modern company / organisation’s training requirements.  Why not use a low-cost e-learning solution, contextualised for the circumstances of your business and staff?
  • Product training
    To ensure your staff are up-to-date with the product knowledge, take advantage of standardised and quick e-learning solutions, guaranteeing consistency – everyone is equipped with the same knowledge.
  • Health & Safety
    Coherent and consistent health & safety online courses, tailored to your specific situation. Make sure that everyone’s on board and understands the significance of health & safety.
  • Inductions
    Complementing the face-to-face inductions with e-learning solutions ensures consistency of training materials for new staff. Employees will be able to revisit the existing packages and refresh their knowledge, as and when they need.
  • Customer Service
    Vital to every business, customer service determines how your company / organisation is perceived by your customers. Invest in a cost-effective e-learning solution and stay focused on your customers.
  • System training
    By using screen-recording tutorials and interactive exercises, make sure that staff are confident users of your IT systems.  Perfect for new starts as well as existing employees needing a refresher.
Is your School / College / University in need of an e-learning package, be it subject-specific or relevant to all students? Let us delve into the issue in question and produce a standard-compliant online course which can be put on your VLE.
Are you delivering traditional face-to-face sessions but are thinking about a venture into the world e-learning? Contact us to discuss your specific requirements and how to turn your fantastic training courses into just as fantastic online packages.