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Orange Tapir is a brainchild of Kacper Lyszkiewicz, Edinburgh-based e-learning designer and developer.
I help small and medium sized businesses and organisations to unleash the potential of e-learning.

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Orange Tapir is the answer to your e-learning needs. We offer bespoke online and blended learning solutions for our clients.
Use our extensive experience and the latest technology to get an effective, customised online course.

Why don’t you tap into e-learning?

I’m an e-learning designer, developer and consultant with years of experience in working with businesses and educational institutions. I love helping people to learn and value the significance of good graphics design, clear and beautiful, combined with robust instructional design.
Its influence on learning is often underestimated and I feel it’s time to bring it back on to the stage.
In the world of constant information overload I strive to make effective courses which stick in people’s minds.